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Node.js script, which outputs all the contributors for given open GitHub project
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Contributors list

Build awesome list of the contributors of your project! You can even filter your contributors to list only those individuals who committed after a specific date or who committed to a specific branch or SHA.



In order to get the contributors list for your open-source project use:

githubcontrib --owner USERNAME --repo REPO_NAME --cols 6 --filter user1,user2,user3 | pbcopy

Advanced API

Parameter name Description Default value Sample value
repo Repository name. ] (required) --repo angular-material
owner Repository owner that the repo belongs to. (required) --owner angular
fromDate YYYY-MM-DD used to determine only the contributors after the specified commit fromDate. '' --fromDate 2016-04-01
sha SHA or branch name to start listing commits from. Default == the repository’s default branch (usually master). '' --sha e58f3629e
sortOrder Specifies the sort order. 'asc' --sortOrder desc
sortBy Specifies the sort property. It will be passed as third argument to the sortStrategy. 'contributions' --sortBy login
sortStrategy Custom sort strategy. Built-in strategies support string and number comparison. '../lib/sort_strategies/sort_asc.js' --sortStrategy custom_sort.js
layoutStrategy Specifies how the output will be formatted. '../lib/layout_strategies/table.js' --layoutStrategy custom_layout.js
filter Specifies users to be filtered. [] --filter userlogin1,userlogin2
filterStrategy Specifies the filter strategy. '../lib/filter_strategies/login.js' --filterStrategy custom_filter.js
authToken Specifies the scope-limited Github oAuth application token: required increase your request rate limit to 5000 / hour. '' --authToken 0da9a3f98dff9a61a0222fd5db201221c5b129f8

This way your contributors will be formatted in a table with their photos.

The table strategy accepts the following parameters:

  • image-size - Number - size of the user's avatars
  • format - Enum - MARKDOWN or HTML. Default == HTML
  • showlogin - Boolean, indicates whether the login of the contributor should be shown in the table. Default == false
  • columns-count - Number - number of columns for the table

Different ways of formatting

You can easily add more formatting strategies by exporting the formatting logic.

Here's a sample implementation of a list layout strategy:

var formatter = function (options) {
  options = options || {};
  var field = options.field || 'login',
      numbered = === 'numbers';

  return function (data) {
    var result = '\n';
    data.forEach(function (user, idx) {
      if (numbered) {
        result += idx + 1;
      } else {
        result += '-';
      result += ' ' + user[field] + '\n';
    return result;

module.exports = formatter;

Testing with Curl

You can easily use the command line to query for a single page of information from the Github API.

  • Get List of commits for the repository since 4/1/2016:
curl -i -H "Accept: application/json" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Authorization: token <accessToken>"  -X GET -d '{"since":"2016-04-01T00:00:00"}'<owner>/<repository>/commits  > commits.json
  • Get list of contributors for the repository:
curl -i -H "Accept: application/json" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Authorization: token <accessToken>" -X GET<owner>/<repository>/contributors  > contributors.json

If, however, you want all the data and the full power... use githubcontrib to get a list of contributors, supports 1..n pages of data, and will format the JSON as Markdown or HTML tables

node githubcontrib --owner angular --repository material --sha master --since 2016-04-01 --cols 6 --sortOrder desc --format md --showlogin true  > ../

Bash Function

The following bash function is quite convenient:

function ghcontrib() {
  repo=$(basename $(pwd))
  githubcontrib --owner USER_NAME --repo $repo --cols 6 --showlogin true --filter gitter-badger --sortOrder desc | pbcopy

You can invoke it with:


It assumes that you're in the project's directory, the directory is named after your project on GitHub and your username is USER_NAME.

The function will run githubcontrib and put the returned markdown in your clipboard.

GitHub Limit

The Github API has a 60-requests-per-hour rate-limit for non-authenticated use. If you need some more then a scope-limited Github OAuth token can be used to boost the limit to 5000.



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