Automated migration of <template> to <ng-template> for Angular 4+
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Automated Migration

Tool for automatic migration of Angular applications.

ngmigrate is PoC, so it implements a single migration strategy - <template> elements to <ng-template>.

Context-aware automated migration of <template> to <ng-template>.

This tool will automatically migrate your templates from the deprecated <template> element to the new <ng-template> introduced by Angular 4.

The replacement is context-aware, which means that it will consider the semantics of your code; this makes it better than simple "Search/Replace" with sed or other similar tools.

Under the hood the tool parses your code with the Angular Compiler, codelyzer and tslint. Once the code is properly analyzed, it goes through a process of migration which replaces all occurrences of <template> with <ng-template>.


Do not perform the migration on code which is not under version control!

Although the tool is well tested, glitches are possible. In order to not loose information, perform the migration under version control and check the diff once done.

How to use it?

$ npm i -g ngmigrate
$ ngmigrate [PATH_TO_YOUR_FILES]