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Recommended tslint configuration for Angular applications.
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Angular TSLint Preset

A preset with TSLint rules for development of Angular applications. The preset contains both, tslint core rules, and codelyzer rules, which are going to perform Angular specific linting.

This package is based on the tslint configuration of Angular CLI and aligns with the Angular style guide.

Note: there are few more rules added on top of the Angular CLI configuration.

How to use?

npm i tslint-angular --save-dev

After that configure tslint.json to use the preset:

  "extends": ["tslint-angular"],
  "rules": {
    "directive-selector": [true, "attribute", "foo", "camelCase"],
    "component-selector": [true, "element", "foo", "kebab-case"]

Notice that directive-selector and component-selector are configurable so you need to add them manually in the rules section of tslint.json.



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