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Marius's dotfiles

Instructions to self

To start using on a new machine:

  1. check out the dotfiles repo into ~/dotfiles:

    git clone

    or (for an editable version)

    git clone
  2. run ~/dotfiles/

It will replace ~/.randomdotfile with symlinks to ~/dotfiles/randomdotfile, safely. If you have a conflict (~/.foo exists and differs in content from ~/dotfiles/foo), the install script will warn and keep your current ~/.foo, so you don't have to worry about accidentally losing data.

You need to re-run the install script every time you pull in new dotfiles from a remote repository. Running ~/dotfiles/ does that (git pull + running

To add a new dotfile to your collection:

  1. run ~/dotfiles/ ~/.dotfilename

It will move ~/.dotfilename to ~/dotfiles/dotfilename and create the appropriate symlink. Don't forget to commit the newly-added file!

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