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Converts IRC log files to HTML with pretty colours.

Quick start


pip install irclog2html

Quick usage for a single log file:

irclog2html --help
irclog2html filename.log                  (produces filename.log.html)

Mass-conversion of logs (one file per day, with YYYY-MM-DD in the filename) with next/prev links, with mtime checks, usable from cron:

logs2html directory/     (looks for *.log and *.log.gz, produces *.log.html)

Configuration files

Since you probably don't want to keep specifying the same options on the command line every time you run logs2html, you can create a config file. For example:

-t 'IRC logs for #mychannel'
-p 'IRC logs for #mychannel for '
# the following needs some extra Apache setup to enable the CGI script
# where we keep the logs

Use it like this:

logs2html -c /path/to/mychannel.conf

Lines starting with a # are ignored. Other lines are interpreted as command-line options.

The order matters: options on the command line before the -c FILE will be overriden by option in the config file. Options specified after -c FILE will override the options in the config file.

You can include more than one config file by repeating -c FILE. You can include config files from other config files. You can even create loops of config files and then watch and laugh manically as logs2html sits there burning your CPU.

CGI script for log searching


The script can be easily abused to cause a denial of service attack; it parses all log files every time you perform a search.

You can generate search boxes on IRC log pages by passing the --searchbox option to logs2html. Here's an example Apache config snippet that makes it work:

RewriteRule ^/my-irclog/search/$ /my-irclog/search [R,L]
ScriptAlias /my-irclog/search /usr/local/bin/irclogsearch
<Location /my-irclog/search>
  SetEnv IRCLOG_LOCATION "/var/www/my-irclog/"
  # Uncomment the following if your log files use a different format
  #SetEnv IRCLOG_GLOB "*.log.????-??-??"
  # (this will also automatically handle *.log.????-??-??.gz)



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Licence: GPL v2 or later (

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