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A viewer for ReStructuredText documents that renders them on the fly.

Pass the name of a ReStructuredText document to restview, and it will launch a web server on localhost:random-port and open a web browser. Every time you reload the page, restview will reload the document from disk and render it. This is very convenient for previewing a document while you're editing it.

You can also pass the name of a directory, and restview will recursively look for files that end in .txt or .rst and present you with a list.

Finally, you can make sure your Python package has valid ReStructuredText in the long_description field by using

restview --long-description


Usage: restview [options] filename-or-directory [...]

-h, --help show this help message and exit
--version show program's version number and exit
-l PORT, --listen=PORT
 listen on a given port (or interface:port, e.g. *:8080) [default: random port on localhost]
--allowed-hosts HOSTS
 allowed values for the Host header (default: localhost only, unless you specify -l *:port, in which case any Host: is accepted by default)
-b, --browser open a web browser [default: only if -l was not specified]
-B, --no-browser
 don't open a web browser
-e COMMAND, --execute=COMMAND
 run a command to produce ReStructuredText on stdout
 reload the page when a file changes (use with --execute); can be specified multiple times
 run "python --long-description" to produce ReStructuredText; also enables --pypi-strict and watches the usual long description sources (, README.rst, CHANGES.rst)
 use the specified stylesheet; can be specified multiple times [default: html4css1.css,restview.css]
--report-level REPORT_LEVEL
 set the "report_level" option of docutils; restview will report system messages at or above this level (1=info, 2=warnings, 3=errors, 4=severe)
--halt-level HALT_LEVEL
 set the "halt_level" option of docutils; restview will stop processing the document when a system message at or above this level (1=info, 2=warnings, 3=errors, 4=severe) is logged
--strict halt at the slightest problem; equivalent to --halt- level=2
--pypi-strict enable additional restrictions that PyPI performs


On .deb based systems (e.g. Ubuntu)

sudo apt-get install python-pip
sudo pip install restview

On .rpm based systems (e.g. Fedora)

yum install python-pip
pip install restview