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Scripts to determine the Python 3 porting status of various Zope packages

These scripts are run from cron to produce JSON files consumed by JavaScript in

The actual cron script is at



This takes a while (8 minutes just to get PyPI status; more to download source distributions).

Example output:

[{"name": "zope.interface",
  "version": "4.0.3",
  "supports": ["2.6", "2.7", "3.2", "3.3", "pypy"]},
  "supports_py3": true,
  "requires": ["setuptools"],
  "blockers": [],
  "blocks": [],
  "sdist_url": "",
  "source_web_url": "",
  "github_web_url": "",
  "svn_web_url": "",
  "removed_from_svn": false},


The ./ script caches metadata received from PyPI in ./cache/meta/*.json for 24 hours by default. You can override these settings with

./ --cache-dir=~/.cache/pypi-meta --cache-max-age=3600

The sdist cache used by is (a) configurable, and (b) compatible with buildout. If you use a shared buildout cache, you can speed up the initial dependency extraction with

./ --cache-dir=~/.buildout/cache/dist < status.json > deps.json

(you'll have to edit