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MIDI Junction box - small Windows application that listens for MIDI events and forwards them to one or more MIDI channels on a virtual loopback device. Excellent for live performances with Propellerhead Reason or other DAWs that maps MIDI channels to instruments.
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So you're in a worship team, or another music group of some kind, and all you have is a digital piano 1), with a few limited sounds - and you're aching to take the sound to the next level but with limited resources and a limited budget.

If you have access to a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) like Propellerheads Reason or similar (yes, that's the one I have) and a MIDI cable from the piano to your laptop, this program allows you to set up a range of instruments in the DAW, enable or disable them quickly, layer them together, and create a soundscape that is vastly superior to whatever you could get out of the piano.

MIDI Junction is entirely geared for live performances - it has zero recording ability - but will get you through a worship service without the use of dedicated hardware or expensive live performance software.

It has three main benefits over similar software: 1) it's free, 2) it's kinda pretty, and 3) it snaps neatly to the top of your screen, leaving you with the rest of the screen to work with your DAW if you need to.

Depends on Tobias Erichsens virtualMIDI driver, which you will need to download for free from

Download the program from the "Releases" tab.

Check out the Wiki tab for some simple documentation.

Bug reports or improvement suggestions are welcome :)

  1. ...or a synthesizer you can't make sense of.
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