Open-source python project to handle the storage and linking of open-source intelligence (ala Maltego)
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Latest iteration of poortego is a completely new code-base (the old ruby/metasploit code is under the poortego-ruby branch in case this ever wants to be revived).

This new iteration stems from the fun that I've had playing with neo4j and using the unix-shell command style for traversing data (nodes/links and their labels/properties within the graph). I'm planning on using this framework for cyber threat indicators- but this framework could easily be used for managing other data points.

Current command interface/dispatcher is built ontop of python cmd2 and uses py2neo for neo4j REST communication.

The bare-bones commands work at present:

  • help, exit, and namespace (standard)
  • add and ln (wizards)
  • cd, ls, pwd (traversals)
  • session, storage, and user (information)
  • purge


Soon to come (less than 1mo):

  • additional argument support for bare-bones commands
  • rm
  • cat
  • find
  • man
  • import/export (csv, json, mtgx, STIX, IOC, etc.)

Then (1-2mo):

  • "transforms" (scripts to interact with data and create new nodes/linkages)
  • "cron" (or "machines" in maltego lingo) to run/re-run scheduled transforms
  • document retrieval (ala- curl/wget)
  • raw document/file storage (link neo4j node to file-system path location) -- maybe use a separate document storage solution (e.g., couchdb)


  • Improved user/group/auth support (e.g., ldap)
  • Better client/server support (ideally so little/no client-side requirements) -- server API - REST/web, e.g., https://x.x.x.x/poortego.php?cmd=ls
  • web interface / browser plug-in? (always preferred cli)