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Simple Map-Reduce Framework for ZeroCloud

This little framework makes it easier to write map-reduce programs for ZeroCloud. It takes care of moving data between the mappers and reducers, you take care of the mapping and reducing logic only.

Word Count Example

To do a simple word count, you write a job.py file with a mapper and a reducer function:

import os
import math

def mapper(record):
    path = os.environ['LOCAL_PATH_INFO']
    basename = os.path.basename(path)
    data = record['data']

    return {'path': basename,
            'count': len(data.split())}

def reducer(fp, entries):
    counts = []
    paths = []

    for entry in entries:

    size = int(math.log10(max(counts))) + 2
    for count, path in zip(counts, paths):
        fp.write('%*d %s\n' % (size, count, path))
    fp.write('%*d total\n' % (size, sum(counts)))

The mapper function transforms a dict, and the reducer function receives a file pointer to write to and an iterator over the results from mapper.

You execute the scripts with:

$ ./easymr.py job.py 'swift://~/data/*.txt'

This will create a zapp, deploy it on ZeroCloud, execute it on the Swift inputs given, and finally clean up the whole thing. The result (the data written to fp above) is shown in your terminal.