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The official demo app of how to use the SANE stack. This is also the main experiment laboratory for prototyping and spinning off sane add ons.

Please keep in mind that this project is 'canary'. For the sake of adopting new features as early as possible, it is developed using the latest unstable versions of everything like ember canary, es6, iojs etc. This will definitely cause instability.

Currently demonstrated features:

  • CRUD - API with a SPA client
  • User authentication
  • Data relationships
  • File uploads
  • Photo gallery and viewer
  • Server connected UI components
  • Data bound modals
  • Basic CMS
  • Geo data and mapping
  • Many more coming

Open to contributors

This project is made for learning. There is no better experience for that than doing. We strongly encourage you to get involved in the project. If you're new to development or new to these technologies, this gives you the unique opportunity to join a real team of experienced professionals which uses best practices and adopts the latest in the field to solve real world requirements. It can teach you to make web apps better than any school or book. The project uses Waffle and this Github repo for management and Travis CI for continous integration. It is very straight forward to begin making contributions and if you are interested please inquire in our Gitter chat channel.

How is it made?

Core components

  • Node - Server Side
  • Sails - Web Server Framework
  • Ember - Client Side MVC Framework
  • MongoDB - Database

Additional Tools Available

  • Bootstrap - front end framework
  • SASS - CSS pre-processor
  • Passport - User Authentication
  • GraphicsMagick - Image manipulation


  1. Follow the steps to install and run the SANE stack -
  2. Install and run MongoDB -
  3. Install ImageMagick and GraphicsMagick like shown:
  4. Clone repo
  5. bower install on client and npm install on both the client and the server directories
  6. 'sane up' to start both the client and the server
  7. Browse app at localhost:4200


If you have questions about this project, come to the chat for the SANE stack


How-to-SANE is MIT Licensed.

Copyright (c) 2014 Gemini Connect LLC


A demonstration of how to use the SANE stack




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