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=== Wordpress Wiki ===
Contributors: Dan Milward, Matthew Gerring, Brent Shepard, Arjen Lentz, and the WP-Wiki community
Donate link:
Tags: wiki
Requires at least: 2.8
Tested up to: 3.1
Stable Tag: 1.0.2

== Description ==

Tired of using Media Wiki? Sick of fighting with WordPress to get your own documentation project happening?

WordPress Wiki Plugin is the answer for you!

The new WordPress Wiki plugin made by the guys at Instinct (who brought you the famous <a title="wordpress e-commerce plugin" href="">Wordpress e-Commerce Plugin</a>) have developed a new plugin that adds Wiki functionality to your WordPress powered website.

== Installation ==

1. Copy the Plugin files to <code>wp-content/plugins/<code>

2. On WordPress 2.8-2.9, mark a page as a Wiki to get started. On WordPress 3.0 and above, start by adding a new Wiki Page.

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

-How do I format text in the front-end editor?
WordPress Wiki uses the same syntax as MediaWiki. You can learn more here:

== Readme Validator ==

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