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Post PWN

The AutoPWN functionality can be extended through post pwn plugins. These are plugins that run against a service after the pwn process (gaining access, checking sudo, capturing flags, etc.). At the time of writing there is one built-in post pwn plugin:

  • ssh_exfil


Post pwn plugins are configured through the Project File, but they can also be run automatically based on decisions made by the plugin. Here is an example configuration for the ssh_exfil plugin:

_version: '1.0'
base: /home/mattg/cdc/isu1-18
project: ISU1-18
flags: []
- service: WWW SSH
    - ssh_exfil:
            - /root/ToughNut/

The above configuration explicitly declares that the service WWW SSH should use the ssh_exfil plugin, and should look for additional files in the /root/ToughNut directory. Any additional services exposing SSH will automatically attempt to find any of the default exfil files.


SSH Exfil

.. autoclass::

Custom Plugins

:term:`CDCs <CDC>` often have unique elements that AutoPWN doesn't know how to exploit. Frequently this includes services runing in a non-standard way, and interesting ways to gain access to the system. For this reason, AutoPWN allows you to write custom Post PWN plugins, to do any post actions that are necessary for your targets. To write a plugin, you must subclass :py:class:`` and register it with the :py:class:``.

.. autoclass::

.. autoclass::

Loading Custom Plugins

Currently, post pwn plugins do not have an auto-loading method (i.e. entry points). In order to load a custom plugins, you must manually call :py:func:`` after ensuring your plugin is on the PYTHONPATH. A much better method is planned.

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