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This module provide a simple way to read RF TAGs. This module is intended for an Innovations ID-12 RFID reader connected to an Acme System board:

Visit Acme Systems and Innovations official sites for more informations about this hardware. You can use this module also to connect the RFID reader to a PC using an USB to serial converter.

To create documentation you must install JSDuck and type in your terminal:

$ ./

Please visit Yoovant website for more informations (schematic, etc.).


NOTE: the term "Aria" in this module is used as synonym of "Terra" because in effect this module is intend for Terra board (with or without GPRS module). You can also inherit this module to customize it to works with an Aria module.


Install the package as usual:

debarm:~# npm install rfid

See full documentation into doc folder and an example into example folder within the rfid package.