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Data and code used in MGGG's Study of Reform Proposals for Chicago City Council.
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MGGG Chicago Report


  • ensembles/

    • Jupyter notebooks with our code for the MCMC runs generated using gerrychain. See also hangulu/mggg_chicago for Jupyter notebooks that the notebooks included here are based on.
  • projection/: Code and results of our demographic threshold model projections, as described in section 5 of the report.

  • ranked_choice/:

    • Ranked-choice ballot data from Cambridge, Minneapolis, and Oakland.
    • Partial candidate demographic identifications
    • Cleaning scripts for the preference schedules
    • Code for running hypothetical single transferable vote elections using the real preference schedule data. This code uses the rcv package, which was created by MGGG during this project.
  • shapefiles/: Cleaned shapefiles with demographics and election data joined. See also mggg-states/IL-shapefiles.


The output of our MCMC runs is too large to store on GitHub. We have hosted these files on MIT's storage instead:

These .zip archives each contain:

  • The tabular results of the run with the ward-level demographics of each districting plan in each of the ensembles, as well as
  • The precinct-to-ward assignments for every districting plan in each ensemble.
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