RailsConf 2010 Tutorial - Get Lean: Slimming Down with Rails
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Get Lean: Slimming Down with Rails - RailsConf 2010 Tutorial

Welcome to the details for Get Lean: Slimming Down with Rails

Wonder what this tutorial will include? Look no further. Below I will provide an outline for the material to be covered and what you might want to do to prepare.

My intention with this tutorial is to give some background information on a flavor of Lean software development that I practice with my clients and how you can follow this with the Rails stack. I will be comparing and contrasting this style of development with XP (Extreme Programming). Experience with Agile is not required.

This tutorial will be a mix of presentation, case studies, conversation and exercises. I have a new TOP SECRET HAWT app that we'll be using through our tutorial for demonstration purposes. For the audience, I'm expecting most will be software developers curious about Lean or specific aspects of lean. However, anyone involved in the process of building software whether product development, marketing, testing or engineering is welcome to attend. Much of the message is applicable to the entire lifecycle of how we build software. This is not purely a technical tutorial as many key aspects of Lean sit firmly on the side of 'business'. It is my opinion though that everyone should have a firm grasp of the business side of software if they help to create it.

Either way I hope that those that attend learn some things, have great conversation and a bit of fun.

Marty Haught

Tutorial Topics

  • Intro to Lean

  • How Rails fits the Lean approach

  • Focusing on Value

    • defining success
    • minimum viable product
    • learning process
  • Minimizing Effort

    • simplicity
    • delay commitment
    • reducing waste
  • Measuring

    • actionable metrics
    • split testing
  • Delivering Fast

    • small batches
    • kanban
    • continuous deployment
    • role of testing

Preparation Steps

There is no required preparation for this tutorial. You may wish to discuss details of your own projects as well as incorporate some of these techniques into your projects during the tutorial. You'll probably get more value doing so, thus having your projects buildable on your local environment is a first step.

The exercises will use a demo Rails application that will be stored in this git repo. You are not required to run the app but if you wish to do so please make sure you can run Rails 2.3.4 and have mysql installed. I will vendor the remaining gems. One optional 'branch' will require Redis for use of Vanity. Again, this is not required. I will be demonstrating these on my own machine and server. Only if you want to build on your laptop and play with the code should you install these.


You may want to do some reading beforehand if this subject is new to you. This reading is not required though and I will cover the basics during the tutorial.