TriPlot: Geolocated images plotter and showcase site
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TriPlot: Geolocated images plotter and showcase site

This app allows the user to upload her travel pictures and the app will Plot the trip on a Google Map and associated timeline for viewing.

Uses the GPS metadata added by some cameras in the header of the picture and Google Maps to render with a marker the point were that picture was taken.

This is part of the work that we did in the #Hackthonpy 2012.

Team Members

  • Marcos Ibanez - Sysadmin
  • Agustin Casiva - Dev Frontend
  • Jonathan Frank - Dev Backend
  • Esteban Solis - QC
  • Ariel Reynaldo Duarte - QC

More features to add:

  • Allow saving of the plotted map in the user Google Maps
  • Adding comments to the pictures
  • Sharing the pictures on Twitter/Facebook

The W D C T F Rises