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Commits on Jul 15, 2012
  1. se elimino el casteo de sombras

    Martin Giachetti authored
  2. @richardolsson
  3. @richardolsson
Commits on Jul 13, 2012
  1. @richardolsson
  2. @rob-bateman
  3. @rob-bateman
  4. @DerSchmale

    Segment regression fix

    DerSchmale authored
  5. @DerSchmale
  6. @DerSchmale
  7. @DerSchmale
  8. @Greg209
  9. @Greg209
  10. @DerSchmale
  11. @DerSchmale
  12. @DerSchmale
  13. @rob-bateman

    animation node updates

    rob-bateman authored
  14. @ellemenno @richardolsson

    correcting asdoc typo

    ellemenno authored richardolsson committed
    Signed-off-by: Richard Olsson <>
  15. changed Number parameter to int as expected by abstract class

    Alejandro Santander authored
    - might be incorrect, please review
Commits on Jul 12, 2012
  1. @rob-bateman
  2. @rob-bateman
  3. @rob-bateman
  4. @rob-bateman
  5. @rob-bateman
  6. @rob-bateman
  7. @DerSchmale
  8. @DerSchmale

    Some cosmetic changes

    DerSchmale authored
  9. @richardolsson

    Fixed cases that would cause null reference errors

    richardolsson authored
    More information in log for changeset 230365a
  10. @richardolsson

    Fixed cases where parsers created mesh without geometry.

    richardolsson authored
    Since meshes no longer create their own default geometry, some parsers,
    which rely on first creating a mesh and then accessing it's empty geometry
    to fill it with data, were throwing null reference errors because there
    was no geometry object. Fixing this where needed by explicitly creating
    and passing in empty geometry objects to the mesh constructor.
  11. @DerSchmale
  12. @DerSchmale

    Fixed DOFFilter

    DerSchmale authored
    Fixed a fix in VertexAnimationSet
  13. @richardolsson

    Fixed incorrect delegation of arguments in ConeGeometry

    richardolsson authored
    Previously passed yUp parameter as if it was the surfaceClosed
    parameter, thereby resulting in incorrect geometry when yUp is
    passed as false.
  14. @richardolsson

    Fixed normals/tangents generation in cylinder. Closes #209

    richardolsson authored
    Now properly respects the slope of the lateral surface,
    meaning that cones will now get slanting normals instead
    of normals that are parallel with the base plane. Also
    fixes issue when radius = 0, which it will always be for
    one segment in cones. This previously resulted in zero
    normals, which is no longer the case.
  15. @rob-bateman
  16. @DerSchmale

    Fix depth rendering to texture

    DerSchmale authored
    Perform DepthOfFieldFilter3D in two passes
  17. @DerSchmale
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