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A (very) simple RPG style game with programmable strategies in place of manual user control.

Games today are placing emphasis on twitch reflexes and on-the-fly decision making. But what if you couldn't react quickly to new situations? What if you had to prepare for them beforehand?

AutoRPG forces the player to define their battle strategies beforehand, forcing the player to think about their situation and plan for all situations beforehand.


Strategies are defined as sets of condition/response pairs. Players define a condition, such as low HP or an enemy on the brink on death, and choose an action to take when that condition evaluates to true.



I developed using Python 2.6. Other versions may or may not work.


This project depends on PyGame 1.9.1. As of 2010-12-27, Debian does not contain a new enough version of PyGame (although Ubuntu does). You will need to install a new version of PyGame to run this program.

If you have easy_install installed, installing the latest pygame is as simple as running

easy_install -U pygame --user

You may need to add yourself to appropriate groups in order to run this command as a mortal user and add pygame system-wide.


PyGame has a dependency on SDL, although some libraries are optional. At the moment, I'm taking advantage of SDL-image for GIF import purposes. I am not aware of any SDL version requirements. As long as PyGame installs, this game should work.


Currently all controls are beta only, although I figured I'd document them anyway.

Overworld Screen

  • Arrow keys move your character.
  • 'n' activates the NPC trapped in the box
  • 'd' kills your player
  • 'u' revives your player
  • 'a' activates the worlds worst attack animation

Battle Screen

Currently no interaction possible.

To Do List

  • Battle decision backend
    • Example of both in-game implemented and python implemented
      • This has changed to be JSON on disk or through the in-game editor
      • Maybe write a basic Text UI for it? (low priority)
    • In-game battle plan editor. (Global Game Jam?)
  • Battles
    • Better battle animations (GGJ?)
    • Spells
      • with less shitty animations
  • More sprites to choose from
  • Need a wrapper around text supporting following features
    • Line wrapping
    • Fetching text + surface from the same object
    • Mostly line wrapping
  • Rect support functions
    • Clamping/Stretching
    • Center-determining
  • Characters need to be able to be dumped to disk, in human readable format
    • Needs to encompass the strategy dumping as well


  • Moving and "attacking" at the same kind causes...interesting results
    • somewhat irrelevant considering that "attack" needs to be removed from that context anyway
  • Press and hold right. Press and release up. Press and hold down. Press and hold up. Release right. Player walks up, even though down should have precedence
    • Has to do with not clearing the linked list of pressed directions...doh!