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Tool for converting mysql database to postgresql.
It can create postgresql dump from mysql database or directly load data from mysql to
postgresql (at about 100 000 records per minute).

It can translate now most data types and indexes, but if you experience some problems, feel free
to contact me, I'll help you.

After editing config.yml and launching tool, You can see something like..

Creating table friendships...
Created table friendships
Loading friendships...
620000 of 638779 rows loaded. [ETA: 2010/01/21 21:32 (00h:00m:01s)]
638779 rows loaded in 1min 3s
Indexing table friendships...
Indexed table friendships
Table creation 0 min, loading 1 min, indexing 0 min, total 1 min

# note from mgkimsal
I'm still having trouble with bit(1)/boolean fields
workaround I've found is to put output in file
then in VIM on file, search/replace the true/false binary fields with t/f

(reversed on 3/23 - should be ^A gets f)
keystrokes are ctrl-v ctrl-shift-@ to get the 'true' binary field
keystrokes are ctrl-v ctrl-shift-A to get the 'false' binary field