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Timber Foundation

Timber Foundation

This is Timber Foundation, a starter theme for WordPress and Timber using Zurb Foundation and Timber Regions. It is heavily based on the Reverie Foundation theme.

Note: Just like Timber Regions, this theme depends on the Timber template autoloader, which has not been merged into the main Timber branch (yet). You can find the Timber branch here. For more info, read the pull request.

This theme is intended as a base for building your own Foundation themes using Timber Regions. It is also a proof-of-concept to show the power of the Timber Regions framework. Every directory and file is documented, so it is also a good introduction into working with Timber Regions.

To get started, just browse through this repo! Every folder comes with its own README, to guide you through understanding the code.

Timber Foundation in action

There no theme demo site yet. We built the Remaintenance website using a child-theme of Timber Foundation.

Installing the theme

If you haven't already, install the Timber plugin and the Timber Regions theme.

Get into your wp-content/themes directory and clone the repo:

$ git clone

You can now activate the theme and start playing with it.

Editing the styles

To edit the styles, you first need to install Foundation. Read the Foundation SASS docs for some background info. To start, you need to install NodeJS, Bower and Compass (nobody said the stack was going to be small).

Then, you cd into the theme folder and run:

$ bower install

Foundation will now automatically be installed in bower_components. This path is already included by the Compass config, so after this you are good to go with:

$ compass watch

Now you are ready to edit the SCSS styles and settings and start customizing the theme.

Even though it has its own parent theme, Timber Regions does not use the parent/child relationship from the WP core. This means you can still use Timber Foundation as a parent theme for your own themes.

Future development

The theme is now a good base to quickly prototype a child theme using Foundation. Seriously, for mocking up designs and layouts it makes for incredibly rapid prototyping.

However, together with Timber Regions, I think it has the potential to become a quite powerful theme framework for any WP project. This should mostly happen in Timber Regions, so that the theme framework stays CSS framework agnostic. Maybe Timber Regions should be based more on _s and use that as a guide to make sure all the bases are covered.

I am curious to hear anybody else's thoughts on this!


This theme is built on top of a huge stack, building further on the hard open source work of many others. Here's the shortlist:


Theme Basis

Timber Foundation in action


A Timber theme based on Foundation 5 and Timber Regions






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