Reads files line by line in browser using the HTML5 FileReader API.
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Reads files line by line using the HTML5 File API.


After the user has selected a file:

// Grab a file reference
var file = document.getElementById('my-file-input').files[0];

// Create a new instance of the LineReader
var lr = new LineReader();

// Bind to the line event
lr.on('line', function (line, next) {
  // Do something with line....

  next(); // Call next to resume...

// Begin reading the file;

LineReader( [options] )

The LineReader constructor. You can pass in options here.

Available Options

chunkSize: How much data to read at a time. Defaults to 1024


var myLineReader = new LineReader({
  chunkSize: 500

LineReader.on( eventName, callback )

Binds events.

line (line, next): Triggered every time a line is read. A line string and a next function are passed in as arguments. To read the next line, next must be called.

error (errorObj): Triggered when an error occurs while reading a file. A DOMError is passed to the callback.

end: Triggered when the file has been read completely, or when the LineReader#abort method has been called. file )

Starts the read process on the passed in file reference.


Aborts the read process and prevents lines from being emitted.