Intro 64k, released at Evoke 2004
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evoke2oo4, 1st placed 64k "anruf aus schweden" by unik

needs at least a p3-800, a soundcard and a ps2.0 capable graphics card (>= r9500/fx5200). for full pleasure be sure to enable antialiasing in your drivers!

dhg .xm (guido at unik de) tomic .max (tom at unik de) warp .cpp (markus at unik de)

credits for original spherical projection idea to danny oros. you can download the sourcecode from our site if you are interested.

choose between four different screen resolutions by commandline: ikea.exe (default 800x600) ikea.exe 1024 (1024x768) ikea.exe 1280 (1280x1024) ikea.exe 1600 (1600x1200)

cheerios to madenmann for great hardware support at evoke. thank you very much! hugs to supah, pandur and kaneel for being our testpilots and nice guys.

hellos to aardbei and blackmaiden alienprophets calodox cncd cocoon conspiracy cubalid7 digitalunderground dualcrewshining ephidrena epidemic equinox exceed excess farbrausch freestyle frogwize haujobb headcrash inf kewlers kolor limpninja litewerx lunix mandarine madwizards marshals mattcurrent melondezign mfx mindforce moppi nesnausk! nuance prone purple replay soopadoopa spaceballs spinningkids stockholmsyndrome sunflower suburban syndrome threestate tokyodawnrecords tpb tpolm vantage