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:: hassan & kemal - :: ,, kurz und knackig ,,

this 4k intro production was first shown at evoke 2005, produced under some bad circumstances and of course as usual - with a lack of time.

so here it is, the so called "final version" including some minor changes, add-ons and size optimizations...

the incredible source is of course available to the public and also included in this final package.

:: technical orgasm

opengl for rendering, alpha blending, physics, trial-and-error sample generation, pre-rendered audio and a lot more to find out about.

:: mandatory thanksgiving

shouts again to the foreign people at evoke for voting this; just by the means of not knowing what the heck the title means.

everyone else for (non-)constructive criticism and comments, the preprocessor for supporting the "#define" statement.

big up to rune l. h. stubbe and aske simon christesen for making our lives easier due to a good compression with crinkler

:: hugs

you know who you are <3 <3

:: contact

markus at


Intro 4k, released at Evoke 2005



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