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ESP32 , OLED SSD 1331 and SD card Gadget library linked with the Web.
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ESP32_SD_SSD1331_Gadgets Beta ver 1.1

This library is for the Arduino core for the ESP32.
This library is used by the Arduino IDE(Tested in ver1.8.2).

Use micro SDHC card.
Use OLED SSD1331 ( SPI ).

The following library is required.

  • ESP32_SD_ShinonomeFNT
  • TimeLib (Arduino time library ver1.5)
  • ESP32_SSD1331
  • ESP32_WebGet

My Blog:

Change log

In the function of one line, add the following function to scroll one line of text to OLED SSD 1331 display.

  • Scroll_1_line

Added functions to read the root certificate of SSL page saved on SD card.

1行の関数で、OLED SSD1331 ディスプレイに1行の文字列をスクロールする以下の関数を追加

  • Scroll_1_line


Credits and license

*Licensed under the MIT

Copyright (c) 2017 Mgo-tec

Reference Blog -->

My Blog:

Other usage is Japanese, please visit my blog.

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