PHP flavour of the CoConAT Content Access Tool library component to access CoreMedia Content Server (CMS, MLS, or RLS) databases from different languages
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CoConAT PHP flavour

This is the PHP flavour of the CoConAT Content Access Tool. It is a small library to access the contents of a CoreMedia content repository through direct access of a Content Server database (CMS, MLS, or RLS) in a structured way.

It is a direct rewrite of portions of the Java flavour to use PHP standard means for database access.

CoConAT PHP ist available through Packagist.


Prerequisites are composer and phpunit.

composer update

The test run can be started via

phpunit --bootstrap vendor/autoload.php test

This unittest uses an sqlite3 database which can be create from the source with

sqlite3 test/unittest.sqlite3 < test/unittest.sql

Usage example

A ReadContent.php example is included in the example directory which relies on the same MySQL menusite database to exist as its Java counter part.

Issue Reporting

Please use the issue reporting facility at github to get in touch.