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Dynamic Web Application Framework with Object Oriented Templating

(and some editing - but it's really not yet a CMS.)

Issues and Ideas

The issues have been migrated from Redmine on Hosted Redmine where we maintained a private space for this project - mostly for historical reasons valid in 2009 and not relevant anymore.


During the migration from Redmine to TrackDown the new tool also gave us the opportunity to add lists of changes introduced based on the issue there.

The issues have been cleaned up and translated so we now even have parts of the history here. You should be able to find the corresponding notes for GIT commits here.

These lists - obviously - don't describe all changes introduced with the releases and are thus an addendum to the correponding release descriptions here or here.

Example Applications

To illustrate the usage consistently in one setup, there are a number of very small but complete and well commented example applications implemented using all combinations of the Tangram framework. Tangram Example Applications


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