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Loyola Virtual Exchange


Mission Statement

Welcome to the Loyola Virtual Exchange.

An open source financial exchange that uses the FIX Protocol to enable university students to create a market between universities and trade Virtual Currency products on the Loyola Exchange.

Installation Requirements

  • JRE Java SE 8 v1.8.0_121

To install Java 8 you can do so with Homebrew

You can also run the following installation script to automate this process:

$ ./

On OSX, Linux, and Windows you can run the application via the following:

$ ./

How it works

Loyola Virtual Currency Products



Features List:

  • Provides live updates of financial exchange information.
  • Integrate the Financial Information Exchange Application Programming Interface to:
    • Provide simulation of message/order routing.
    • Provide string responses containing financial exchange quotes for clients to trade based on.

Functional vs Non-Functional Requirements

  • Functional Requirements

    • Provides a multi-threaded order traffic engine.
  • Non-Functional Requirements

    • Provides the ability for the simulation of a financial exchange.
    • Provides delegation of an exchange feed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How do I report a bug?

    • On the project's Github page under the issues tab please submit a new issue ticket with a descriptive but brief subject line. In the main body please provide adequate information for contributors to solve the issue.
  • Which platforms does Loyola-Virtual-Exchange support?

    • Loyola-Virtual-Exchange is actively tested and supported on various 64 bit versions of Windows (7 and up) and macOS.
  • Who do I talk to?

    • Repo owner or admin
    • Other community members or team contact
  • Who made Loyola-Virtual-Exchange?

    • Group6 from COMP312/412 course. The list of contributors can be found on GitHub.
  • Which software license is Loyola-Virtual-Exchange licensed under?

    • Loyola-Virtual-Exchange is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0. Refer to the license document for more information.

IRC channel

  • ##MES



GNU General Public License v3.0