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Buildkite plugin for changing an existing builds assigned user.
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Assume Identity Buildkite Plugin

A Buildkite plugin for changing an existing builds assigned user.


Is this your life?

Buildkite Problem

Currently Buildkite will not let you create a trigger step in your pipeline if the current build was created from a user not in your organization.

This can happen when your build is created from a webhook and the email in the git commit does not match a user's email in your organization.


When creating a trigger step, Buildkite will use the identity of the current builds owner unless another user has interacted with a block step. If a user has interacted with a block step they will become the owner of any triggered pipelines later in the build.

This plugin (ab)uses this functionality to upload a new block step into the current build and then immediately calls the Buildkite API to unblock this step as the user you wish to assume.

Buildkite Solution


  - plugins:
    - mgoodings/assume-identity#v1.0.0:
        token: <users-api-token>

  - wait



The API token for the user you wish to assign this build to.

label (optional)

The label of the block step. Defaults to "👮 Halt! Identify!".


To run the tests:

docker-compose run --rm tests
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