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Subconvert - movie subtitles converter

Subconvert is movie subtitles converter and editor aiming to be fast, lightweight and easy to use. It supports a wide variety of subtitle formats, can process files in batches and is available both as terminal application and with a graphical frontend. Most things, like file encoding or movie framerate are detected automatically so you can just sit and quickly enjoy your lovely subtitles!


Install from PYPI

$ pip3 install --user subconvert

Install with tox

If you cloned a git repository, you can install Subconvert with help of tox.


If your system has Python version lower than 3.5, you'll need to manually install PyQt as it's not available via PYPI.

$ cd subconvert
$ tox -e venv
$ ln -s {.venv,$HOME/.local}/bin/subconvert
$ ln -s {.venv,$HOME/.local}/share/applications/subconvert.desktop

Install with


these methods are not recommended for ordinary users as they don't manage some dependencies automatically. Installation methods from PYPI or with tox are preferable.

You can alternatively create a Python distribution (like bdist_wheel) and install it:

$ cd subconvert
$ python3 bdist_wheel
$ pip3 install dist/\*.whl

Or install it directly:

$ cd subconvert
$ python3 install


If you installed Subconvert with pip, uninstalling it is simply calling uninstall:

$ pip3 uninstall subconvert

Otherwise you'll have to manually remove all subconvert files, i.e.:

  • $prefix/lib/python*/site-packages/subconvert
  • $prefix/bin/subconvert
  • $prefix/share/applications/subconvert.desktop
  • $prefix/share/icons/hicolor/*/apps/aubconvert.{svg,png}



Most recent usage description is always available by subconvert --help. You can also refer to the documentation included in docs/ directory.

You can use graphical or commandline interface. Default subconvert invocation executes graphical interface. It is an interactive window in which you can convert and edit movie subtitles.

To access commandline interface, use -c switch:

$ subconvert -c file2.txt

Above invocation will convert and file2.txt to the default subtitles format (which is SubRip). It will create and will try to overwrite (don't worry, unless you used -f switch, Subconvert will first ask you what to do).

Output filename syntax

It's not uncommon to add some kind of prefix/suffix to converted subtitles. Like this: --> converted_my_subtitles.extension

When you specify output filename (via -o option), you can tell Subconvert to use input file name base. Subconvert will substitute with it all appearances of %f in output file name. See an example:

$ ls
$  file2.txt
$ subconvert -c file2.txt -o "conv_%f.ABC"
$ ls
$ conv_file1.ABC  conv_file2.ABC  file2.txt

You can escape "%f" by adding second percent sign ("%"):

$ subconvert -c -o "conv_%%f.ABC"
$ ls
$ conv_%f.ABC  file2.txt

You can also substitute %e, with original file extension (without a dot .):

$ subconvert -c -o "conv_%f.%e_suffix"
$ ls
$ conv_file1.srt_suffix  file2.txt

Subtitle Property Files

You can create a common set of subtitle properties and apply all of them at once. Say, your subtitles are usually iso-8859-4 encoded and you usually convert them to TMP. You can set those settings with Subtitle Properties Editor (available via GUI: Tools -> Subtitle Properties Editor) and use them each time:

$ subconvert -c file2.txt -o "~/subs/%f.tmp" -p ~/subs/iso88594_tmp.spf
$ ls ~/subs
$ file1.tmp  file2.tmp


  • Python 3.4+ (3.5+ is preferred)
  • python3-pyqt5
  • python3-chardet
  • MPlayer

Additionaly, to build Subconvert you'll need: * setuptools * pyrcc5 (comes with pyqt5-dev-tools)

To build documentation: * asciidoctor


Subconvert is Free Software, available under terms of GNU General Public License 3, or (at your opinion) any later version. For details see LICENSE.txt which should be delivered with Subconvert.

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