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OneThing Terminal

This small app will let you set your one thing for today and remind you via growl every 10-25 minutes to make sure your working on the most important thing.

If it won't fit on a Post It, It won't fit in your day


Sign up for a OneThing account at OneThing

git clone git://
bundle install

Move the config/credentials.yml.sample to config/credentials.yml and save it with your username and password

  password: my_secret_password


List of 3 most recent one things that you've started

$ ./start.rb

I've worked on 'work on one thing terminal app' - unfinished
I've worked on 'Fix database table issue with project_memberships' - finished
I've worked on 'finish and push non-inventory item IIF file' - finished

Update your one thing for today and start the time for growl notifications

$ ./start.rb "Add mac ruby gui to one thing terminal app"

Recent Updates

You no longer need to have an OS that supports Growl. Running the application will still update OneThing.

Wish List

If you have any feature additions feel free to fork and issue a Pull Request. You can also submit an issue with feature requests.

  • Mac Ruby front-end
  • Don't automatically mark yesterday's onething as finished - allow user to choose