A friendly package.mask-unmasking tool.
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diffmask -- a clean package.unmask handling helper


diffmask should be called with one of the following actions:

* `-a` or `--add` to unmask one or more packages passed as arguments,
* `-d` or `--delete` to delete an unmask from `package.unmask` file,
* `-u` or `--update` to try to sync unmasks with `package.mask` files,
* `-v` or `--vimdiff` in order to vimdiff a merged `package.mask` file
	with the `package.unmask` file.

All of them can be combined with `--unmask-file` specifying an alternate
`package.unmask` file location. If that option is not specified, diffmask
defaults to either using `/etc/portage/package.unmask` or
`/etc/portage/package.unmask/diffmask` if the former is a directory.

The `add` action

When the `add` action is used, diffmask uses the Portage API to find
masked packages matching the passed atoms. If a particular matching
package is masked using `package.mask` (and `package.mask` only),
diffmask tries to match it with existing `package.mask` entry and copies
that entry into your `package.unmask` file.

Thus, if you would like to try development snapshots of Opera, you'd

	diffmask -a opera

If you would like diffmask to unmask a package which is masked both
using `package.mask` and because of missing keywords, you need to add it
to your `package.keywords` first, e.g. using:

	flagedit foo -- '**'

The `delete` action

The `delete` action is simply a reverse of `add`. It takes any amount
of package atoms, matches them against visible packages in portdb
and tries to find a matching mask entry in `package.unmask`.

If you'd like to remove the entry you've added before, you can type:

	diffmask -d opera

The `update` action

The `update` action is supposed to help keeping a clean and up-to-date
`package.unmask` file using various `package.mask` files. It assumes that
each entry in the former file is supposed to correspond to a similar
entry in one of the `package.mask` files.

Thus, it tries to match all of the `package.unmask` file entries with
an entry in `package.mask` file. If a match occurs, the `package.unmask`
entry is updated as necessary. Otherwise, it is removed.

In other words, if you have unmasked the development snapshots of Opera,
and the package maintainer has added a new snapshot and added it
to the masking entry, you call:

	diffmask -u

And the new version should be unmasked as well. Feel free to call that
from within your `postsync.d`.

Please note, however, that the `update` action is going to remove all
unmatched entries. This is required to remove outdated unmask entries
(e.g. when a package was masked for testing and is no longer masked). If
you'd like to keep an additional (unmatching) `package.unmask` entries,
please make your `/etc/portage/package.unmask` a directory and keep them
in a file different than `diffmask`, e.g.:

	mv /etc/portage/package.unmask /tmp/custom-unmasks
	mkdir /etc/portage/package.unmask
	mv /tmp/custom-unmasks /etc/portage/package.unmask/

The `vimdiff` action

The `vimdiff` action merges all `package.mask` files applying
at the moment to a temporary file and calls `vimdiff` to compare-edit it
with your `package.unmask` file.

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