Simple optical media image file converter using libmirage
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* mirage2iso 0.3 *


mirage2iso is a simple tool to convert various CD/DVD image formats into
.iso images through use of libmirage (same one as used by cdemu).


Note that mirage2iso doesn't support 'non-keep' mode, i.e. is always
meant to create output file without touching input one.

Please note that it doesn't check whether user hasn't specified same
file for both input and output nor that output matches one of input file
(in case of multi-file images), thus if you call it like that it may
destroy your precious data.

I don't plan introducing 'non-keep' mode in the near future. There are
few reasons for that:

1) I can't guarantee that mirage2iso will create the correct output
   image and even if it will, it does convert single track of single
   session only;
2) I think most of users will use mirage2iso to convert images
   downloaded through P2P, and there removing original file would break
   the basic assumptions of P2P;
3) mirage2iso doesn't operate on input file(s) itself, libmirage does it
   instead. Thus, m2i knows as much as user provides it and in most
   cases that's not enough to remove whole source distribution. And
   what's sense of removing .cue file and leaving .bin file untouched?


Current version of mirage2iso doesn't support multi-track images. If
such image is converted with it, it tries to find first Mode1 track
and convert it.

It doesn't support tracks other than Mode1 either, i.e. it is able
to convert only standard data tracks. It won't work with your PSX games
and other stuff relying on Mode2.

Note also that it hasn't been widely tested and sometimes it may just
don't work like it is supposed to.

* (c) 2009/10 Michał Górny
* Released under the terms of the 3-clause BSD license.