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Note: tx means transmitted and rx received.

Remember to set $debug to TRUE in order to see the nodes.


Login nodes

Stream features

tx  <stream:features>
tx    <readreceipts></readreceipts>
tx    <groups_v2></groups_v2>
tx    <privacy></privacy>
tx    <presence></presence>
tx  </stream:features>

Sending authentication

tx  <auth mechanism="WAUTH-2" user="34123456789">?34123456789????Q???č?\?v?l$1444056358</auth>

Receiving challenge

rx  <start from=""></start>

rx  <stream:features></stream:features>

rx  <challenge>?!?S??x?~?????fCR"?</challenge>

Our response

tx  <response>yD??5͔݃??pS	??k>jxy??4b?s??q?</response>

If everything went right, you will receive a success node. Next challenge it's in success node data

rx  <success t="1444056358" props="4" kind="free" status="active" creation="1440960194" expiration="1472496194">?0?$???

Sending our presence, this is our nickname in push notifications.

tx  <presence name="Chat API rocks!"></presence>

Pending messages and notifications. Before this node, you will have pending messages or notifications, in my case 67.

rx  <ib from="">
rx    <offline count="67"></offline>
rx  </ib>

Our presence.

rx  <presence from=""></presence>

Server properties


tx  <iq id="1" type="get" xmlns="w" to="">
tx    <props></props>
tx  </iq>

Response (this changes denpending the platform, by default we use Nokia)

rx  <iq from="" type="result" id="1">
rx    <props version="4">
rx      <prop name="timeout" value="300"></prop>
rx      <prop name="force_long_connect" value="0"></prop>
rx      <prop name="upload_oom_hprof_enabled" value="1"></prop>
rx      <prop name="wbarchive" value="1"></prop>
rx      <prop name="e2e_images" value="1"></prop>
rx      <prop name="e2e_groups" value="1"></prop>
rx      <prop name="e2e_blists" value="0"></prop>
rx      <prop name="mspes" value="1"></prop>
rx      <prop name="plaintext_reenable_threshold" value="5"></prop>
rx      <prop name="plaintext_disabled" value="1"></prop>
rx      <prop name="source" value="1"></prop>
rx      <prop name="location" value="0"></prop>
rx      <prop name="readreceipts" value="1415214000"></prop>
rx      <prop name="qr" value="1"></prop>
rx      <prop name="groups_v2" value="1"></prop>
rx      <prop name="lists" value="1"></prop>
rx      <prop name="library" value="0"></prop>
rx      <prop name="allow" value="all"></prop>
rx      <prop name="call" value="1"></prop>
rx      <prop name="audio" value="1"></prop>
rx      <prop name="checkmarks" value="0"></prop>
rx      <prop name="newmedia" value="0"></prop>
rx      <prop name="video_max_edge" value="960"></prop>
rx      <prop name="image_max_kbytes" value="5120"></prop>
rx      <prop name="image_quality" value="80"></prop>
rx      <prop name="image_max_edge" value="1600"></prop>
rx      <prop name="media" value="16"></prop>
rx      <prop name="broadcast" value="50"></prop>
rx      <prop name="max_subject" value="25"></prop>
rx      <prop name="max_participants" value="101"></prop>
rx      <prop name="max_groups" value="9999"></prop>
rx    </props>
rx  </iq>

Get privacy blocked list


tx  <iq id="1" xmlns="jabber:iq:privacy" type="get">
tx    <query>
tx      <list name="default"></list>
tx    </query>
tx  </iq>

If you don't have any blocked contacts you will receive this:

rx  <iq from="" type="error" id="1">
rx    <error code="404" text="item-not-found"></error>
rx  </iq>

Otherwise, you will receive a list with the contacts you have blocked:

rx  <iq from="" type="result" id="1">
rx    <query>
rx      <list name="default">
rx        <item type="jid" action="deny" order="1" value=""></item>
rx      </list>
rx    </query>
rx  </iq>

Syncing contacts


tx  <iq id="1" xmlns="urn:xmpp:whatsapp:sync" type="get">
tx    <sync mode="delta" context="background" sid="130886066860000000" index="0" last="true">
tx      <user>+34987654321</user>
tx    </sync>
tx  </iq>

If the contact has a WhatsApp account, it will be between the <in> tags, if not, between the <out> tags

rx  <iq from="" type="result" id="1">
rx    <sync index="0" sid="130886067400000000" last="true" version="1444129540423375">
rx      <in>
rx        <user jid="">+34987654321</user>
rx      </in>
rx      <out>
rx        <user jid="">+34121212121</user>
rx      </out>
rx    </sync>
rx  </iq>

Presence subscription


tx  <presence type="subscribe" to=""></presence>

If the contact is not online (where last is the last seen online)

rx  <presence from="" type="unavailable" last="1444130008"></presence>

If the user is online

<presence from=""></presence>

Sending and receiving chat state


tx  <chatstate to="">
tx    <composing></composing>
tx  </chatstate>


tx  <chatstate to="">
tx    <paused></paused>
tx  </chatstate>

Sending text messages

Sending message (not encrypted)

tx  <message to="" type="text" id="7liN5/6d+im50" t="1443704300">
tx    <body>No one likes Facebook!</body>
tx  </message>

Sending message (encrypted)

tx  <message to="" type="text" id="Sq2OuZNjKaOG0" t="1444130442" notify="Chat API">
tx    <enc v="1" type="pkmsg">3(????0!xh̊?
??ͷ??????5mF?@? vEiw"@3\?p
tx  </message>

Ack and receipt (received client and read receipt)

rx  <ack from="" class="message" id="Sq2OuZNjKaOG0" t="1444130442"></ack>

rx  <receipt from="" id="Sq2OuZNjKaOG0" t="1444130445"></receipt>

tx  <ack to="" class="receipt" id="Sq2OuZNjKaOG0" t="1444130445"></ack>

rx  <receipt from="" type="read" id="Sq2OuZNjKaOG0" t="1444130445"></receipt>

tx  <ack to="" class="receipt" id="Sq2OuZNjKaOG0" t="1444130445" type="read"></ack>

Notification nodes

Type = contacts

rx  <notification from="xxx" id="12312" type="contacts" t="123">
rx     <remove jid="yyy"></remove>
rx  </notification>
rx  <notification from="xxx" id="12312" type="contacts" t="123">
rx     <add jid="yyy"></add>
rx  </notification>
rx  <notification from="xxx" id="12312" type="contacts" t="123">
rx     <update jid="yyy"></update>
rx  </notification>
  • add requires you to mark a contact you synced previously as an actual WhatsApp user
  • remove means that a user is not on WhatsApp anymore, so it becomes just a regular contact
  • update means that something has changed on the user profile. You should:
  • reset the presence subscription (unsubscribe and subscribe again)
  • request the user status
  • request the user profile image

type = w:gp2

rx  <notification from="xxxx" id="xxx" participant="xxx" type="w:gp2" t="xxx" notify="xxx">
rx      <remove subject="xxx">
rx           <participant jid="xxx"></participant>
rx      </remove>
rx </notification>

rx  <notification from="xxxx" id="xxx" participant="xxx" type="w:gp2" t="xxx" notify="xxx">
rx      <add subject="xxx">
rx           <participant jid="xxx"></participant>
rx      </add>
rx </notification>
  • add An user was added to a group
  • remove An user was removes from a group

There are also notification if the group has updates the subject or picture, if the user has been promoted or demoted.

Type = web

rx  <notification from="" id="508859621" retry="1" offline="1" type="web" t="1430773333">
rx    <action type="sync">
rx      <sync type="required">@3dpGL6skDNNiUDEzcl3hiQnFhD+11D2odOuwFiHxpB73EHLhCkau2eEl</sync>
rx      <code>EvwDSmI/8wW6Ragp+8rEq6da2zkb9Y2Bg2MGQlrLQoY=</code>
rx      <name>5mwUAgIZF6HLNIR9w+XruQ==</name>
rx    </action>
rx  </notification>
  • sync webSync

Type = account

rx  <notification from="" id="1636332225" offline="0" type="account" t="1412690302" notify="Server">
rx    <redeem sku="1" delta="365" author="">
rx      <account kind="paid" status="active" creation="1409323492" expiration="1503931492"></account>
rx    </redeem>
rx  </notification>
  • Payment notification, when you have bought WhatsApp subscription one more year.
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