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pushReceiver.php Examples: Document requirements (closes #1888) Apr 2, 2018
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realtimeClient.php Examples: Document requirements (closes #1888) Apr 2, 2018
realtimeHttp.php Realtime: Implement sharing Apr 19, 2018
sharePhotoToStoryFeed.php Share media to story feed (#2040) Jun 19, 2018
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uploadPhoto.php Media: Finalize the Instagram media class names Nov 4, 2017
uploadStory.php UploadStory Example: Add story link information. (#1702) Nov 20, 2017
uploadStoryCountdown.php Story: Add Countdowns Support Mar 3, 2019
uploadStoryFundraiser.php Internal & Examples: Implement #2830 Sep 11, 2019
uploadStoryPoll.php updateStoryPoll example + update font_size range for tallies Nov 5, 2017
uploadStoryQuestion.php Story: Add Question Sticker Upload Support & Example Feb 20, 2019
uploadStorySlider.php New feature: Story slider Dec 23, 2018
uploadVideo.php Media: Finalize the Instagram media class names Nov 4, 2017


These examples demonstrate various common tasks and are meant to get you started with this library.

Many of these files contain a configuration section at the top, which you must edit to provide your own account and media details before running the example.


If you are viewing this examples-folder via the web, they may not work on the code version that you have downloaded, since development may evolve quickly in the development version of the code tree. Especially if you've installed the default, stable version of the library, which can often be severely out of date.

Look in your own local disk's vendor/mgp25/instagram-php/examples folder for the examples that shipped with the exact library version you have installed!

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