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Talk about Jenkins 2 Pipeline with Docker for Maven CI

This repository contains all resources about this talk:

  • slides: sources for AsciiDoc slides

  • docs: public files, slides HTML (assets, html…​)

  • demo: docker compose files and doc to run the demo

How to work on slides with livereload feature?

  1. Start the container

    $ docker-compose up -d
    $ open http://localhost:8000
  2. Edit slides (.adoc files) in slides/src/

  3. Save

  4. Refresh your browser and enjoy ;)

Run the Demo

Start Jenkins2 / Sonar containers

Create a network
$ docker network create --driver bridge swf

# Run Sonar
# user: admin
# pwd: admin
$ docker-compose -f demo/sonar/docker-compose.yml up

# Run Jenkins
# user: administrator
# password: password4Admin
$ docker-compose -f demo/jenkins2/docker-compose.yml up
$ open http://localhost:8888

Configure the Jenkins instance

A lot of configuration is loaded by default in the mgreau/jenkins Docker image, but some configuration have to be done once Jenkins is started.

Create an Agent (ci-agent))

  1. Configure the agent so that it can access the Docker daemon, by configuring the agent startup

    1. Go to http://localhost:8888/computer/new to create a new agent

      1. Name:: ci-agent

      2. Description:: Agent used to execute Build in Docker containers

      3. Remote root directory:: jenkins-agents/ci-agent

        This is a path to your filesystem (here ~/jenkins-agents/ci-agent).
        You can set an absolute path.
      4. Labels:: ci-docker

      5. Launch method:: Launch slave agents on Unix machines via SSH

        1. Host:: Your IP (no neither localhost)

        2. Credentials:: Add new credentials with your username/pwd

        3. Advanced > Prefix Start Slave Command:: source ~/.bash_profile &&

          Required so that Jenkins can load your PATH to be able to access the docker binary

Configure SMTP server (embedded MailHog)

In order to receive builds status by email, you need to configure, got to Extended E-mail Notification Configuration

SMTP server







If you don’t do it, the pipeline will failed at the last step, but other steps will be ok.

For simplicity and to avoid polluting real mailboxes, we use an embedded smtp server called MailHog, which will accept any email to send but won’t relay it to any other smtp server. All sent email will be viewable at http://localhost:8025/

Execute the default Pipeline/Maven/Docker build

By default, a Jenkns Pipeline job is created at http://localhost:8888/job/javaee7-websocket-master-ci/

It will build a Maven Java EE 7 project in a exoplatform/ci:jdk8-maven32 Docker container.+

The first time you execute this job, it will failed for security reason. You just have to Approve the Pipeline Script Then you can re-execute the pipeline.

Advanced configuration

Maven Settings file

If you want to customize the Maven Settings file included in each container:

  1. Update the Maven configuration file (settings.xml with ID exo-ci-maven-settings)

    1. Go to http://localhost:8888/configfiles/editConfig?id=exo-ci-maven-settings

    2. Update the Maven XML config file with your configuration

      jenkins setup maven config xml

Create your first Pipeline Docker job

  1. Create a new job

    1. Name::

    2. Type:: pipeline

  2. Submit

  3. Configure

    1. Pipeline script

@Library('') // (1)
import exoCI // (2)


        gitUrl = ''
        gitBranch = 'master'
        dockerImage = 'exoplatform/ci:jdk8-maven32'
        mavenGoals = 'clean package'
  1. This library is initialized in the default mgreau/jenkins2 Docker image, so this line is not mandatory

  2. The functions are automatically loaded in the default mgreau/jenkins2 Docker image, so this line is not mandatory

Misc commands

$ docker image ls --filter=reference='mgreau/ci'