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the code of iOS game "The Eggs Pro" by i4nApps
information regarding OpenFeint integration
- OpenFeint sources are not part of this repo, you need to re-add them manually
- used OpenFeint version is 2.4.2
- the OpenFeint source code can be found in repo's Download section
- unpack OpenFeint archive
- remove OpenFeint group from the project
- drag&drop OpenFeint.2.4.2/OpenFeint folder to project workspace
- uncheck "copy files" checkbox and add sources to the project
the code has not been touched for a long time, so it has a bunch of problems
- lots of compiler warnings
- some left-over images and code for 'DISKOTEKA_90' promotion
set 'fullFeatures' to TRUE to enable Game II mode and replay
set 'fullSkins' to TRUE to enable all other skins
there's plenty of room to upgrade and improve
- do not require game to restart when skin is changed
- better graphics and better design (make "hd" version and ipad version)
- game center integration
- make universal application bundle
the app runs on iPod Touch 1G for sure
however, it crashed while booting on iPhone 4.3 simulator, I believe that open feint crashed, since it's the first view to appear after launch image