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/* vim: set expandtab ts=4 sw=4: */
* You may redistribute this program and/or modify it under the terms of
* the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation,
* either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program. If not, see <>.
#ifndef InterfaceController_H
#define InterfaceController_H
#include "benc/String.h"
#include "interface/Interface.h"
#include "wire/Headers.h"
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
enum InterfaceController_PeerState
/** If state is UNAUTHENTICATED, the other node has not sent a single valid packet. */
InterfaceController_PeerState_UNAUTHENTICATED = 0,
/** In state == HANDSHAKE, a valid packet has been received but it could still be a replay. */
/** In state == ESTABLISHED, we know the node at the other end is authentic. */
/** If state == UNRESPONSIVE, the peer has not responded to pings in the required timeframe. */
static inline char* InterfaceController_stateString(enum InterfaceController_PeerState ps)
switch (ps) {
case InterfaceController_PeerState_UNAUTHENTICATED: return "UNAUTHENTICATED";
case InterfaceController_PeerState_HANDSHAKE: return "HANDSHAKE";
case InterfaceController_PeerState_ESTABLISHED: return "ESTABLISHED";
case InterfaceController_PeerState_UNRESPONSIVE: return "UNRESPONSIVE";
default: return "INVALID";
* Stats about a peer
struct InterfaceController_peerStats
uint8_t* pubKey;
int state;
uint64_t timeOfLastMessage;
uint64_t bytesOut;
uint64_t bytesIn;
uint64_t switchLabel;
bool isIncomingConnection;
String* user;
/** Packet loss/duplication statistics. see: ReplayProtector */
uint32_t duplicates;
uint32_t lostPackets;
uint32_t receivedOutOfRange;
struct InterfaceController
* Add a new peer.
* Called from the network interface when it is asked to make a connection or it autoconnects.
* If the peer which is connected to becomes unresponsive, IC will *not* remove it but will
* set it's state to UNRESPONSIVE and it is the job of the caller to remove the peer by freeing
* the allocator which is provided with iface.
* BEWARE: the interface allocator you provide here may be freed by this code!
* The following cases will cause the allocator to be freed:
* 1. If a peer is registered and it turns out to have the same cryptographic key as an
* existing peer, the existing one will be freed by the IC and the new one will take it's
* place.
* 2. If a peer which is registered as "transient" and is unresponsive for more than
* FORGET_AFTER_MILLISECONDS milliseconds then the session will be removed.
* @param ic the interface controller.
* @param herPublicKey the public key of the foreign node, NULL if unknown.
* @param password the password for authenticating with the other node or NULL if unspecified.
* @param requireAuth true if the other node must authenticate (incoming connection).
* @param transient if true then this peer may be forgotten.
* @param iface an interface which pipes messages to/from this peer. The peer will be
* deregistered if this allocator is freed.
* @return 0 if all goes well.
* InterfaceController_registerPeer_OUT_OF_SPACE if there is no space to store the peer.
* InterfaceController_registerPeer_BAD_KEY the provided herPublicKey is not valid.
* InterfaceController_registerPeer_INTERNAL unspecified error.
#define InterfaceController_registerPeer_INTERNAL -3
#define InterfaceController_registerPeer_BAD_KEY -2
#define InterfaceController_registerPeer_OUT_OF_SPACE -1
int (* const registerPeer)(struct InterfaceController* ic,
uint8_t herPublicKey[32],
String* password,
bool requireAuth,
bool transient,
struct Interface* iface);
* Disconnect a previously registered peer.
* @param ic the if controller
* @param herPublicKey the public key of the foreign node
* @retrun 0 if all goes well.
* InterfaceController_disconnectPeer_NOTFOUND if no peer with herPublicKey is found.
#define InterfaceController_disconnectPeer_NOTFOUND -1
int (* const disconnectPeer)(struct InterfaceController* ic,
uint8_t herPublicKey[32]);
* Populate an empty beacon with password, public key, and version.
* Each startup, a password is generated consisting of Headers_Beacon_PASSWORD_LEN bytes.
* If beaconing is enabled for an interface, this password is sent out in each beacon message
* so that others can connect.
* NOTE: Anyone can connect to any interface, even those not beaconing, using this password.
* The public key attached to the beacon message is the public key for this node.
* @param ic the if controller
* @param beacon an empty buffer to place the beacon information in.
void (* const populateBeacon)(struct InterfaceController* ic, struct Headers_Beacon* beacon);
/** Get the current state of a registered interface. */
enum InterfaceController_PeerState (* const getPeerState)(struct Interface* iface);
* Get stats for the connected peers.
* @params ic the if controller
* @params alloc the Allocator to use for the peerStats array in statsOut
* @params statsOut pointer to the InterfaceController_peerStats array
* @return the number of InterfaceController_peerStats in statsOut
int (* const getPeerStats)(struct InterfaceController* ic,
struct Allocator* alloc,
struct InterfaceController_peerStats** statsOut);
#define InterfaceController_getPeerState(ic, iface) \
#define InterfaceController_registerPeer(ic, herPublicKey, password, requireAuth, transient, iface)\
((ic)->registerPeer((ic), (herPublicKey), (password), (requireAuth), (transient), (iface)))
#define InterfaceController_populateBeacon(ic, beacon) \
((ic)->populateBeacon((ic), (beacon)))
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