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An editor for the Yamaha TX81Z synthesizer module (Windows)
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TX81Z Programmer

This is an MS-Windows software editor for the 1987 Yamaha TX81Z synthesizer module.

The TX81Z Programmer was originally released on May 25, 2005. I originally released it as $20 shareware, but now I've decided to release it as open source under the GNU Public License version 2.

This code was originally written on Visual C++ 6. I now have it configured to compile on VS2015 Community Edition.

Software Dependencies

File Layout

  • Directories:
    • doc/ - docs and HTML Help file project
    • setup/ - installer project
    • src/ - executable project
    • src/wnd/ - application windows created using CreateWindow
    • src/dlg/ - application windows created using CreateDialog (ie they have a dialog resource, which is usually made with the dialog editor)
    • src/ctrl/ - custom dialog controls
    • src/msg/ - general code library (linked list, files, paths, error handling, random numbers, string processing, etc.)
    • src/gui/ - general gui library
    • src/midi/ - low-level MIDI library (send sysex message, etc.)
  • Files:
    • src/prog.h - global constants
    • src/prog.c - global procedures and WinMain(), which creates the main window
    • src/wnd/mainWnd.c - main window
    • src/tx81z.c - high-level TX81Z-specific MIDI library (send voice, etc.)
    • src/freqratios.c - tables of oscillator frequencies
    • src/tx81z_init.c - tables of init data
    • src/tx81z_meta.c - structures for representing the TX81Z's internal state


  • Each .c file contains 8 sections. The first 6 sections declare what's in the file:
    • Global Constants
    • Global Procedures
    • Global Variables
    • Unit (file scope) Constants
    • Unit Procedures
    • Unit Variables
  • The next 2 sections are:
    • Global Procedure definitions
    • Unit Procedure definitions
  • The global declaration sections are duplicated from the header files. I did this to make it easy to browse the contents of the file and jump from declaration to definition in Vim. It's probably not that useful in Visual Studio.
  • A global identifier is composed of the name of the module, an underscore, and the procedure name.
  • A unit identifier is similar but begins with a two letter lowercase abbreviation.
  • The files freqratios.c, tx81z_inits.c, and tx81z_meta.c are #included by other .c files where they belong (just to get them out of my face), so they are not included in the project.
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