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A thinky turn-based area-control game for Blinks.

by Martin Grider 2-6 players


Everyone starts with X number of blinks with one face in their player color. (Double-Click an isolated blink to change its starting color.) You may play with additional empty blinks on the table between the players. (Or not, but it's more fun if you do.)

Note: In a two-player game, each player should begin play with at least two blinks. To mitigate first-player advantage, the second player should begin the game by giving one of their two blinks a second face in their color opposite the first.


Take turns, and either add or move one of your blinks on the gameboard. After a piece is positioned its colors will take over the adjacent faces of any attached blinks if:

  1. that face is empty, or
  2. your blink has more faces in your color than the opposing blink has faces in the opposing color.

Movement Notes

  • Once it's been added to the board, a blink must be attached to all other blinks in play at the end of a player's turn.
  • You may not move the piece that your opponent moved in the turn immediately before yours.
  • You may not move more than one blink on a turn. It doesn't matter which one you move as long as the rules above are followed.
  • You may not rotate a piece without moving it. It must move to a different position on the gameboard.
  • Watch out! Opposing colored faces can also take over the blink faces of the piece that moved!

Game Over

The game ends when one player has successfully taken over all faces of a single blink.


Double-Click a group of blinks while playing or after game over to begin again.

More Info


A game for the Blinks platform.




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