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ASFML logo Ada (GNAT) Alire Alire CI/CD Gitter chat Mentioned in Awesome Ada

ASFML — Ada's Simple and Fast Multimedia Library

ASFML is an Ada semi-thick binding to the SFML library. It uses Ada types and portable defined types which eliminates the inclusion of Ada interface libraries, but most of the functions are directly imported.

It is written in standard Ada without the use of any specific GNAT extensions, but some indirect dependency could exist through the representation of some types.


The binding is considered complete. Three versions of CSFML have been bound: 1.6, 2.4 and 2.5 (see Releases). The API is considered stable, changes would only be made to fix errors or to upgrade to a new SFML version.

The library has been tested with several GNAT versions and on Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux 20.04 LTS and 22.04.

API Documentation

Generated API documentation can be consulted online.

The Ada API follows the CSFML interface, but with some changes and additions to ease the use:

  • Prefixes in C are converted to simple names inside hierarchical packages. For example, the function sfMusic_createFromFile in SFML/Audio/Music.h is transformed into the createFromFile function in the Sf.Audio.Music package.
  • Basic data types from SFML/Config.h are defined in the Sf package.
  • General types at SFML/Module/Types.h are moved to the package Sf.Module, where Module is Audio, System, Graphics, Window and Network.
  • Defaults are applied to parameters when useful and to approximate the C++ API.
  • Functions with char* parameters are wrapped to do the conversion to standard Ada String parameters.
  • Unicode is supported using Wide_Wide_String in Ada where the C API uses sfUint32*

Compatibility with CSFML releases

The versioning scheme of ASFML follows the one of CSFML for the major and minor numbers; while the patch number is, in principle, independent. This means, for example, that 2.4.x releases are expected to be compatible with all 2.4.x releases of CSFML. Note, however, that some CSFML releases change the API to fix problems with the binding to SFML and they release them as a patch. Consequently, there are cases, like CSFML 2.5.2, which requires a specific patch level of ASFML, in this case, ASFML 2.5.5. When this happens, the Alire dependencies reflect the requirement.

Nevertheless, the usual problems that can be found when doing an heterogeneous linking are only spotted when calling one of the functions having changed between the releases. Otherwise, the incompatibility will be latent.

How to build with Alire

This library is available in Alire so building is as easy as installing Alire and then executing: alr build asfml

How to build without Alire

Install CSFML following instructions of your platform. For example, under Ubuntu or Debian: sudo apt-get install gnat gprbuild libcsfml-dev libglu1-mesa-dev

Open a terminal and run this command: gprbuild asfml.gpr

How to use

To compile your program you need to "with" the asfml.gpr project. Then you can build using gprbuild.

Use asfml_opengl.gpr if you are using OpenGL.

Under Windows, you might need to update the path to your libraries in the provided GPR files.

Using Alire, you can add this library to your project as simply as: alr with asfml


You can see simple test examples in the tests directory. For some demo games, you can review the project 16-Games.

Links to projects using ASFML can be found in the Wiki.