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This repository

C-haste Library. A collection of utilities to make developing C programs fast and easy.

branch: master
Pure, virtuous, unadulterated programming bliss - hastily assembled C programs.

The C-Haste Library (libchaste)

See LICENSE file included. TL;DR - BSD 3 Clause. 

Main features:

Performance monitoring - tools around rdtsc made easy

Type safe command line options parser with super simple syntax. 

Powerful logging with runtime and compile time log level tuning. 

A string library to efficiently do useful string manipulations. 

Data structures: generic, type safe array, vector and linked list (hash map and binary tree coming soon)

Currently builds on:
    - Linux (Ubtuntu 12.10/13.04)

Targeted to build on: 
    - Linux/BSD/Darwin (OS X)
    - 32bit/64bit (64bit optimized)
    - ARM / x86

Obtaining the source: 

The C-Haste library is available at 

- The master branch is a "stable" "release" candidate -- the bleeding edge - guaranteed compile and pass unit tests -- API may vary wildly. 
- Release branches are stable, tagged with the release ID. Incremental fixes to a release will be tags added to the release branch. Bug fixes only. No new features. No new APIs. 


Libchaste builds on both gcc 4.6 and clang 3.2 against the c11 standard with pedantic warnings and errors using the Posix 2008 system API. 

It includes a swathe of unit tests and infrastructure for making them all running and passing valgrind tests. 

- run to build a debug libcahste.a binary in the bin/ directory. 
- run to build a release binary 

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