Delorean: Time Travel Made Easy
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Delorean: Time Travel Made Easy

Delorean is a library for clearing up the inconvenient truths that arise dealing with datetimes in Python. Understanding that timing is a delicate enough of a problem delorean hopes to provide a cleaner less troublesome solution to shifting, manipulating, and generating datetimes.

Delorean stands on the shoulders of giants pytz and dateutil

Delorean will provide natural language improvements for manipulating time, as well as datetime abstractions for ease of use. The overall goal is to improve datetime manipulations, with a little bit of software and philsophy.

Pretty much make you a badass time traveller.

Getting Started

Here is the world without a flux capacitor at your side:

from datetime import datetime
from pytz import timezone

EST = "US/Eastern"

d = datetime.utcnow()
utc = timezone(UTC)
est = timezone(EST)
d = utc.localize(d)
d = est.normalize(EST)
return d

Now lets warm up the delorean:

from delorean import Delorean

EST = "US/Eastern"

d = Delorean(timezone=EST)
return d

Look at you looking all fly. This was just a test drive: check out out what else delorean can help with below.