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@@ -126,7 +126,7 @@ <h1 class="title">
<li><a href="">Expert Python Programming</a> - Tarek&nbsp;Zaide</li>
<p>A bunch of <a href="">Pycoders</a>&nbsp;stickers</p>
-<p><img alt="Pycoders Sickers!" src="/media/images/2012/07/pycoders-stickers.jpg" /></p>
+<p><img alt="Pycoders Sickers!" src="" /></p>
<p>Thats about it. What does your setup look&nbsp;like?</p>
<div class="hero-unit disqus">
Tags: <a class="" href="/blog/tags/software.html">software</a>, <a class="" href="/blog/tags/programming.html">programming</a>, <a class="" href="/blog/tags/hardware.html">hardware</a>, <a class="" href="/blog/tags/setup.html">setup</a>. </div>

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