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-=== Webcomic ===
-Contributors: mgsisk
-Donate link:
-Tags: webcomics, archives, widgets, shortcodes, template tags, custom taxonomies, custom post types, media library, transcripts, characters, storylines, twitter, facebook, opengraph, paypal
-Requires at least: 3.3
-Tested up to: 3.4.1
-Stable tag: 4
-License: GPL2
-License URI: //
-Comic publishing power for the web.
-== Description ==
-Webcomic provides a host of features for creating, managing, and sharing webcomics. Take control of your webcomic with multi-comic management, theme integration, dynamic navigation, and more.
-= ★ New in Webcomic 4 ★ =
-_**Everything!**_ Webcomic has been rebuilt to provide you with leaner, meaner webcomic management. Highlights include:
-- [OpenGraph](// support for any Webcomic-related page.
-- [Twitter](// integration for automatically tweeting new webcomics.
-- File management handled through the WordPress Media Library.
-- Each collection is now a custom post type with unique storyline and character taxonomies.
-- More collection-specific settings provide greater control over each webcomic on your site.
-- Transcripts are now a custom post type, taking full advantage of the administrative features WordPress provides.
-- Improved theme integration makes it easier than ever to start using Webcomic right away with almost any WordPress theme.
-- New and refactored template tags, widgets, and shortcodes for greater control and customization of your Webcomic-powered site.
-[**Existing Webcomic users should read this before upgrading.**](//
-== Installation ==
-You can install Webcomic from the **Plugins > Add New** page in the administrative dashboard. Just do a search for `webcomic` and the first result should be the one you're looking for.
-= Manual Installation =
-1. Download and extract Webcomic from the [WordPress plugin directory](//
-2. Upload the `webcomic` directory to your `wp-content/plugins` directory.
-3. Activate Webcomic through the **Plugins > Installed Plugins** page in the administrative dashboard.
-== Frequently Asked Questions ==
-= How do I use Webcomic? =
-Once installed and activated you can use Webcomic in one of three ways:
-1. Turn on the [**Integrate** option](// found on the **Settings > Webcomic** page in the administrative dashboard.
-2. Use a [Webcomic-ready theme]( to get the most out of Webcomic's features with minimal hassle.
-3. Leverage Webcomic's new [template tags, shortcodes]((//, and [widgets](// to [modify an existing theme](// or [build your own](//
-= Where can I get help with Webcomic? =
-- [Beginner's Guide](//
-- [Video Tutorials](//
-- [Support Forum](//
-- [Issue Tracker](//
-- [Email Support](
-== Changelog ==
-= GitHub =
-All Webcomic changes can be followed at [the master fork on GitHub](//
-== Upgrade Notice ==
-= 4 =
-Existing Webcomic users should [read this before upgrading](//
-== Special Thanks ==
-To [BigBagel](//, [Miluette](//, [LordRembo](//, [Vaslittlecrow](//, [Fesworks](//, [Naomiyaki](//, [MatthewEbel](//, [AlexWoolfson](//, and [Kuipou](// for pre-release testing and feedback, and to the thousands of users that share their amazing work with Webcomic.

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