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Previous / Next Comic shortcodes not displaying anything #65

swagdon opened this Issue · 7 comments

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So I am trying to implement webcomic into a wordpress premium theme purchased at themeforest.

Using [the_webcomic size="large" the_post="46"] displays the comic with that ID just fine.

But using [previous_webcomic_link format="%link"]Previous >[/previous_webcomic_link]
[next_webcomic_link format="%link" link="%thumbnail"] to display previous and next comics just gives me two < pre > tags with nothing in them.

Same happens when I use [first_webcomic_link] and [last_webcomic_link]

I don't know what to do.

Please help!



Can you please respond to this? It is urgent


Ok I 've played around a bit with integration, and it works good enough, so I may not have to use shortcodes.

Problem is that Webcomic uses single.php to display the comics, and I want the comics page to have a different look from the blog.

How do I do this?


Also, Webcomic gives me this URL for the comics pages that I cant seem to find or use anywhere else in Wordpress. So I cant set the page that has the webcomic as the homepage.

How do I change this?


Thanks for using Webcomic, swagdon, and apologies for your issues. Just so you know: there's no need to email me several times when you're having an issue; it's actually a really good way to get yourself auto-added to my spam filter. I'm automatically notified whenever an issue is submitted here or to the discussion group, and emails sent to the address are automatically filed for my perusal.

For your issues:

  1. I'm honestly not sure what the issue might be with the [previous_webcomic_link] and [next_webcomic_link] short codes; I tried them exactly as you typed theme here and they worked as expected. Where exactly are you trying to use the shortcodes? The pervious/next template tags (and shortcodes) only work in the context of a WordPress Loop.
  2. To modify integration you'd want to tweak Webcomic's loop_start.php template, which controls comic output on single-post pages. To completely modify the template you can create collection-specific single-post templates using WordPress' template hierarchy. Each collection is a custom post type, so you can create templates like single-webcomic1.php, which would handle all single-post pages for webcomics that are part of the collection with an ID of webcomic1.
  3. I'm not sure what you're referring to with the "URL for the comics pages;" where are you seeing this URL? If you're referring to the collection Permalink settings these are the URL's used by WordPress for post type archives, single webcomic posts, storyline archives, and character archives (respectively) when you have "pretty" permalinks enabled.
@mgsisk mgsisk was assigned

Thanks for your response. Just emailed you at

Once we're done I'll post the solutions here for everyone to see


Also having this problem.

Inserting <?php next_webcomic_link() ?> shortcode in the loop of single.php will not generate anything. If I insert an echo statement also in that call, it will show up.

I am using the inkblot theme. I tried virgin versions inf inkblot and webcomic and they both do the same thing.

I am running the site on a homemade server, could the problem have anything to do with permissions or an incorrect server setting?


As far as I know there's nothing in any of Webcomic's navigation links that should be affected by server configuration (unless your server was really badly configured, like bad enough to not serve webpages properly). The echo definitely shouldn't be necessary either, since those functions specifically echo the links…

To be clear, the next_webcomic_link and previous_webcomic_link template tags only work inside of a WordPress loop for posts that belong to a Webcomic collection. It looks like the standard navigation (with Inkblot) is working properly; where are you trying to use the template tags/shortcodes?

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