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Webcomic 5

Webcomic provides a host of features related to creating, managing, and sharing comics on the web – and if you don't know where to start, you've come to the right place. This guide explains how Webcomic works and how to use it to turn your WordPress-powered site into a comic publishing platform.

⚠ Current Webcomic users should read this important information about upgrading to Webcomic 5 before continuing.

Getting Started

This guide assumes that:

  1. You're familiar with WordPress.
  2. You have a WordPress-powered site.
  3. You've installed and activated Webcomic.

If you're not familiar with WordPress, you may want to read this step-by-step plan for getting started with WordPress. If you don't have a WordPress-powered site, WordPress has some hosting recommendations to get you started. If you haven't installed and activated Webcomic, there are instructions for installing and activating Webcomic.

The Plugins screen in WordPress, with the Help link highlighted.

Before you dive in to this user guide, take a moment to find the Help tab in the WordPress dashboard. It doesn't appear on every screen, but every Webcomic screen includes a Help tab filled with screen-specific information and links to other resources. Whenever you need help, check there first.

When you're ready, click on the Untitled Comic link in the sidebar.

My body is ready ⇝

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