Commerce Settings

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These settings allow you to accept print purchases and donations via PayPal. For Webcomic's purposes, domestic refers to the country you are selling prints and/or accepting donations from.

Business Email

The email address associated with the PayPal account to use for transactions. All commerce-related features for a collection will be unavailable without a valid email address.


Enables print sales and original, traditional-media print sales for new webcomics (print sales can also be handled on a webcomic-by-webcomic basis). These options are disabled without a valid Business Email.


How to handle print sales. The single item method is faster, but a shopping cart makes it easier for users to purchase multiple prints at once.


The default prices for domestic, international, and original (if you work in traditional media) prints. These prices can be adjusted on a webcomic-by-webcomic basis.


The cost to ship domestic, international, and original prints. These prices can be adjusted on a webcomic-by-webcomic basis.


Set a specific amount donors must contribute when donating, or leave at zero to allow donors to specify their own donation amount.


The currency all transactions in the collection will use. Note that the Brazilian Real and the Malaysian Ringgit are only supported for in-country PayPal accounts.