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Now that you've installed WordPress and Webcomic you can dive right in and start publishing your webcomics. You may, however, want to tweak a few settings before diving too far into the deep end. Most Webcomic settings are collection-specific, but a handful of global settings can be found on the Settings > Webcomic administrative page. The settings on this page affect all your webcomics.


The Webcomic Network is an optional service provided by to help Webcomic users connect with each other. Click Access the Webcomic Network to go to the Webcomic Network settings page.


When enabled, Webcomic will attempt to automatically integrate basic functionality into your site. Integration may not work with certain WordPress themes and plugins, but it is the fastest way to get going with Webcomic. Pick a theme, integrate, and go!


Changes how users browse through webcomics on your site. Dynamic navigation will attempt to load webcomics without refreshing the page. This makes browsing significantly faster, but may not work in all situations and will affect cost per impression advertising. When touch gestures are enabled readers can use touch gestures on supported devices to navigate your webcomics. When keyboard shortcuts are enabled users can press certain button combinations to navigate through webcomics.


If you ever decide that Webcomic isn't for you the uninstall option may be of some use. When enabled, all data associated with Webcomic will be deleted when the plugin is deactivated, including settings, webcomics, storylines, characters, transcripts, and languages. This cannot be undone. Uploaded media will not be deleted.

You may optionally choose to convert webcomics and transcripts into posts, storylines into categories, and characters and languages into tags. If you've enabled the Uninstall option a warning will be displayed on the Plugins > Installed Plugins administrative page to remind you of what will happen when Webcomic is deactivated.