General Settings

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These settings allow you to change some of the basic information and features related to a collection.


The name is how the collection appears on your site. This is used just about everywhere, including the administrative page link for the collection.


The The "slug" is the URL-friendly version of the name. It is usually all lowercase and contains only letters, numbers, and hyphens.


The description is not prominent by default; it may be used in various ways, however. For example, some themes may use the collection description as the <meta> description for collection archive pages, which may appear in search engines.


The poster is a representative image that can be displayed on your site, often on the collection archive page.


Determines what theme will be used when a user is viewing a page related to this collection.


Sends daily email reminders to the specified address starting however many days prior to the buffer expiration you specify. Useful if you often (or would like to) work ahead but need a reminder before your buffer runs out.


Integrates webcomic posts into the main syndication feed and shows a webcomic preview of the specified size in syndication feeds. If you're feeling dangerous, you can also customize how webcomics appear in your site feeds with a custom template.